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    Drive the Fast and Furious 7 cars in Forza Horizon (VIDEO)

    Fast and Furious 7

    The creators of XBOX One’s Forza Horizon 2 car game have teamed up with the Fast and Furious 7 guys to bring the movie cars to your living room. 

    You can now drive your favourite cars from the new Fast and Furious 7 movie on XBOX One’s Forza Horizon 2. Forza Horizon is basically an RPG for car guys (and gals) where you drive around a massive map looking for other gamers to race against, or you can do arcade style mission races. It’s a lot less structured than the usual Forza games that generally stick to set race tracks and car modifications are limited.

    There’s loads of cars to choose from as well with plenty of scope for modification. And Turn 10 studios is constantly releasing new car packs that you can purchase to broaden the game even further. The latest car pack has been inspired by the new Fast and Furious 7 movie and gives gamers the chance to drive their favourite cars from the movie. The pack includes Dom’s ballistic supercharged Dodge Charger, Brian’s Toyota Supra, the Plymouth Cuda and Road Runner, 2015 Dodge Charger and Challenger, Maserati Ghibli and Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. The only car missing is the Fast and Furious 7 Subaru WRX STI, though the standard car is already part of the game.

    The Fast and Furious 7 downloadable content will cost $5, which is the same price as every other Forza Horizon 2 car pack, but this one includes three more cars than usual. The Forza Horizon 2 Fast and Furious 7 car pack is available to download now and you can check out the cars in action in the video below.

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    XBOX One Forza 6 announced – Ford GT the cover car (VIDEO)

    New Ford GT supercar

    Xbox and Turn 10 Studios announce Forza 6 with the new Ford GT supercar the cover car.

    While the stunning new Ford GT supercar was being unveiled at the 2015 Detroit motor show this week, Xbox quietly announced its new Forza 6 motorsport simulator title. And it’s that incredible mid-engine supercar that will be the cover star of the new game, which is tipped to arrive in stores towards the end of this year.

    Other car details are scarce, but we do know that all of the Ford performance vehicles will be available, including the new GT350R Mustang track warrior and the all-terrain crushing F150 Raptor. Cars like the Focus ST and Fiesta ST are also expected with the upcoming Focus RS possibly being part of the game too.

    Dan Greenawalt, creative director at Turn 10 Studios, said: “Just as Ford has pushed the boundaries of car technology in GT, Forza Motorsport 6 will embrace that spirit of innovation as our most technically advanced racing simulation to date, offering a fun and realistic automotive experience for both car lovers and gamers.”

    More Forza 6 game details will become available at the E3 gaming convention in June.

    Check out the launch video below.

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    New GTA 5 content coming this Christmas (VIDEO)

    New GTA 5 content

    Updates coming for Grand Theft Auto 5 this Christmas with new online heist missions and more.

    Online info leaker and game geek, NillxModz, has word that two updates will be released for GTA 5 on December 23, bringing new online heist missions and Christmas-themed content.

    The Heist DLC will bring six new heist missions and five ‘cops and crooks’ missions held in four different locations across Los Santos. With a new layout and selection menu, it will also be simpler to track uncompleted missions and leaders. The update will also bring four new cars which are tipped to be in the Sport and Classic Sport class, though the names of these new rides are unconfirmed.

    Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 14.08.28

    The Holiday DLC is all about getting in the Christmas spirit with holiday-themed clothing, car customizations and bonuses which will become available on Christmas day. Similar to last year, there will also be a snow effect which will begin at 5am UTC on December 25, initially with light snow then the roads will ice up which should make driving very interesting indeed. The snow will only last one day, and things will begin to return to normal the day after Christmas. A new apartment will also be available for purchase from Christmas day and will come decked out with Christmas tree and stockings until January 7 when it will return to normal.

    This video explains all the updates:


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    GTA V Cars and Their Real-Life Counterparts (INFOGRAPHIC)

    GTA Cars and Their Real Life Counterparts

    Grand Theft Auto V is one of the best selling games of all time.  Millions of fans are immersed in the GTA V gameplay driving cars of which they can only dream of in the real world.

    You can drive a drool worthy supercar down to the beach, take a muscle car to the playboy mansion and even paraglide into a convertible.

    For all those car lovers, here is a low down of 50 GTA V cars alongside their real-life counterparts. You’ll be shocked how close some are to the real thing.

    Like GTA 5 , The Internet is awash with offers to produce fake IDs that are very similar to the original. Three years ago, the authorities in New York began to issue new driver’s licenses with special protection due to an increase in the number of fakes. However, as it turned out, buying new rights on the gray market is also not a problem. For example, on the site id-hurry we found a bunch of offers where you can buy fake id 😉


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