Take a Tour of the Lamborghini Museum with Google Maps

In the wonderful world of Google and their Map feature we can pretty much see any street in the world right now. Google have even started to put their cameras inside of buildings now to really give us the world at our fingertips (or eyes if you have Google Glass!). 
Unfortunately, while you won’t yet be able to take a tour of the Carhoots offices or Scarlett Johannson’s house, you can take a tour of the Lamborghini Museum in Bologna, Italy, which is still pretty cool I suppose. 

This could be the closest some of us might come to a Lamborghini. Sad I know, but at least it is free and you can explore the greatest Lamborghini car collection on the planet in 360 degree and panoramic views without being hassled by any pesky salesmen or museum stewards.

With a collection of the most recent Lamborghini’s to the classics of yesteryear make sure you check out the Miura, Countach, Murcieloago, Reventon, and Sesto Elemento.

What are you waiting for…
Start your tour here and if security ask you how you got in… tell them you were sent by Carhoots! 



Check out our Lamborghini’s page here for more images and photos too:


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