Take Your Mum Racing For Mother’s Day! Or Not! | (VIDEO)

With Mother’s day is just around the corner and you are probably wondering what you can buy the most important woman in your life to show how your love and appreciation, to make her feel special, right? 

Well, you could do the usual thing and buy her some flowers or take her out for dinner, but why not mix things up a little bit? Do something a little more fun and exciting? Why not take her around a race track and full speed?

Ok, before you ladies out there screw your noses up at such a bad idea and before you guys out there pick up the phone in excitement trying to book a date, we are kidding!!!

Based on Darius Khashabi’s video when he sticks his Mama in the passenger seat of his c6 Corvette Z06 and posted the comical reaction to youtube, it is safe to say this one would be best saved for Fathers day.

I’m sure you Mother would much prefer something a little more relaxing and luxurious!

We saw the little girl’s reaction to her Dad’s Nissan GTR last week and it seems reactions like this just don’t change no matter how old you are. Check out the similarities…


Mothers… this is why we love you! Awesome!

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