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Tesla Model S P85D vs Ferrari 458 drag race (VIDEO)

Tesla Model S P85D

Extreme new 691hp Tesla Model S P85D takes on the Ferrari 458 supercar in a drag race.

We know what the new all-paw Tesla Model S P85D can do to a Ferrari 575 when its accelerator pedal is mashed into the carpet, but how about the newer and more powerful mid-engine 458?

The Ferrari 458 is powered by a 570hp 4.5-litre naturally aspirated V8 engine with rear-wheel drive while the Tesla features four electric motors to deliver a whopping 691hp. Which will win? Watch the video below.

Yes, the Italian petrol-guzzler won but the Tesla didn’t do too poorly at all. The electric all-wheel drive super sedan leaped ahead of the Ferrari instantly and stayed several car lengths ahead until the two cars were well into triple digit speeds. So unless you’re on a race track or a road without speed limits, the Tesla is the faster car.

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