Tesla Model S Secret Menu Reveals Future Features | (VIDEO)

The Tesla Model S is one of the most successful cars of the last few years and with hidden features being found on the current models touch screen system, it might just be getting a whole lot better!

The new video that has surfaced shows somebody hacking into the touch screen interface which give us an insight into what may be in store in next models. Features found include a lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control and blind spot detection which are simple things that have all been missed on the current model S. The hidden features also show apps that have not been announced by Tesla, including, an image viewer, a sketch pad and a calendar. Pretty funky huh!

You need an access code to get into the hidden area of the touch screen after holding down the logo for a couple of seconds and unfortunately we don’t have one and wouldn’t be able to tell you guys where to get one so you will just have to watch the video below to see for yourself! 

Exciting times for Tesla owners…

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