The Benefits of Purchasing Used Mercedes-Benz

If you are
thinking of buying a brand new car, the majority of us would rule out and
perhaps not even consider buying a Mercedez. It is one of the most prestigious
and luxurious cars in the world and if you are buying new, it is too expensive
for many people to afford. For that reason alone it hurts to concede that you
might never get your hands on one, but don’t give up hope just yet as buying a Mercedes
might just be the way forward and a realistic option when making your
next car purchase.

Buying a used
Mercedes might just be as appealing as buying a new one. The price is obviously
a huge factor, but the worry of buying a used car that could potentially incur
additional servicing costs is refreshingly lifted with Mercedez, who seem to
take as much pride and guaranteeing their used cars as they take in promising
perfection in their new ones. They cover all the bases before releasing a car
into the market, and on top of that they conduct a comprehensive “genuine
” evaluation of each used vehicle prior to approving it for resale.
What is more, they are so confident in their genuine history assessment and
approval program to the degree that each approved used vehicle is sold with a
rubber to roof roadside
assistance package.

Have we won
you over yet?

If not,
there is more…If you like the strict attention Mercedes-Benz pays to creative
detail, how about this convenient solution to a common customer problem: First Cover. First
Cover is seven days of free insurance meaning you can drive your car off the
lot the moment you buy it and enjoy your Mercedes for a week before having to
hassling yourself with reality. Nice!

The majority
of car buyers understand that the moment a vehicle is driven off the lot, it
loses value. Considering the fact that Mercedes is now producing for the ‘affordable
luxury’ market, you may wonder if it’s better value to buy a late model used
car in E class for example – The E Class Saloon SE, or even new car from the
more economical A or B Class lines.

You can
decide for yourself what makes sense for you, but here are some numbers to
consider. A 2013 E Class Saloon SE 250 Diesel costs in the neighbourhood of £36,600. For
less than £28,000, you can find a 2012 E Class Saloon 250 Diesel with less than
11,000 miles used. That’s a saving of £8,600 or 24.5% you keep by electing to
purchase a car that has been driven for a year or less.

For around £26,300, you
can purchase a new 2013 C Class Saloon. The car is Mercedes quality, it simply
has less amenities.

Here’s one last thing for you to consider: for last year’s C Class Saloon Diesel you
still pay around £23,000 for a car with 11,000 miles, a savings of only 13.6%.
In other words, if you’re bargain shopping for a luxury vehicle and want to buy
used, your money goes farther if you elect to spend a little extra on the
luxury class as opposed to the economical luxury class. This buys you the mint
amenities, but for a fraction of the cost.

No matter
how you slice the pie, you’re still buying a Mercedes which means regardless of
the model you purchase, you’re buying luxury!

By: David Newman 

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