The Best Of The Bond’s Cars

And whilst he may have a license to kill, here at Carhoots we’re more interested in his license to drive. So stay with us as we take a look at the five finest cars Q has ever given Mr Bond the keys to (with the expectation they be returned inevitably quashed).


1. Astonm Martin DB5, Goldfinger

Naturally appearing as the first on the list is the Aston Martin DB5, the most quintessentially ‘Bond’ car we can think of. Appearing first in 1964’s Goldfinger, the DB5 has class down to a tee with that most illusive of qualities- an understated Britishness. But hidden within its frame were some handy little gadgets, including machine guns and, of course, an ejector seat for those times when the door simply will not do.

 Astonmartin Goldfinger

2. Aston Martin DBS, Quantum Of Solace

Aston Martin, not content with having created one of the most iconic Bond cars to date, set their sights on making something thoroughly more modern, more sporty. The result was the DBS, with its 2-passenger only space perfect for James and one of his many female friends. The DBS appeared in Daniel Craig’s second outing as Bond in 2008’s Quantum of Solace and was an instant hit with fans and car aficionados alike for its 21st century allure and sleek curves.

Bond -and -car 

3. Ford Ka, Quantum of Solace 

Continuing with the thoroughly modern approach to choosing cars, a Ford Ka features in Quantum of Solace. Of course, James Bond himself would never drive something so distinctly normal, but in showcasing the Ka, the filmmakers let us mere mortals think “look! Our puny car can be a Bond car too!” Touché, filmmakers, touché.

 Ford Ka - Quantum Of Solace

4. Aston Martin Vanquish, Die Another Day

Coming in for a third time on the list we have the Aston Martin Vanquish, a firm fan favourite for its audacious beauty. Not just a winner when it comes to James Bond’s cars, but one of the best film cars ever in Carhoots.com’s humble opinion. Paying homage to its predecessors, the Vanquish has the always-useful rockets behind its front grille and passenger-seat ejector option (just in case). Appearing in Die Another Day, of note is the Vanquish’s mind-bending ability to turn invisible, a feature sadly lacking in any real cars. One can only hope technology can keep up with our James Bond automotive lust!

 Aston _Martin _V12_Vanquish

5. Lotus Esprit S1, The Spy Who Loved Me

On the opposite end of the spectrum we have the Lotus Esprit S1, a clunky little number that featured in 1997’s The Spy Who Loved Me. The S1 is a guilty pleasure because what it lacks in visual appeal it more than makes up for in its ability to turn into a submarine. When was the last time you had a ride in a car that could do that? On top of that, it has nifty rocket launchers for those underwater dangers. Sharks and scuba divers beware!

 Lotus _Esprit _S1_Submarine

So do you agree with our list? What would you add and what would you shoot with the ubiquitous missile launcher?

By Carl

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