The Cars To Look Out For At The Geneva Motor Show

McLaren P1 
Mc Laren -P1 

 The McLaren P1 needs no introduction. However, for the uneducated, it’s the spiritual successor to the legendary F1, packing a total of around 900hp – this is a lot – from a twin turbo V8 and a pair of electric motors. We’ll see this bundle of flame shooting excitement undisguised at the Geneva motor show.


Ferrari F70
 Ferri F70


2013 is turning out to be the year of the Hybrid Supercar because here we have another one of the electrified beasts; this time it’s the Ferrari Enzo successor. Beneath the heavily disguised bodywork you see above, is an uprated version of the F12’s astonishing 730hp naturally aspirated V12 and a pair of electric motors to give a total power output of, a lot.


Corvette Stingray Convertible
?Chevrolet -corvette -stingray


Er, what you see above is the Corvette Convertible. Images of it were leaked onto the internet just days after the coupe was unveiled at the Detroit show, so there wont be many surprises when the sheet’s lifted off it at Geneva. Expect lots of Americanism at the reveal – burgers, country and western music, weird accents, etc. Oh and a whopping great 450hp 6.2 liter V8 making this American Woman capable of cracking 60mph in around 4 seconds.


Alfa Romeo 4C 
Alfa Romeo 4C 

Alfa Romeo has been promising us this car for years now. So when the Italians promised us a production version of the stunning 4C concept car you see above would be revealed at Geneva, we were a little skeptical, but Alfa has confirmed it’s happening. The 4C is an all carbon fiber sports car weighing less than 1000kg and it’ll be powered by Alfa’s 1.75 liter Twin Air turbocharged engine, so it’ll hit 60mph in under 5 seconds. The engine’s in the middle and power goes to the back. This is the car Alfa needs to build.


Rolls Royce Wraith 
2014-rolls -royce -wraith 

The evil sounding Wraith is the coupe version of the Ghost, and it’s probably worth more than your house. Maybe even your entire street. It’s based on the same BMW 7 Series platform as the Ghost, but it’s been tweaked to give a more sporting feel. It’s said to be Rolls’ fastest car ever.


Toyota GT86 Convertible 
Toyota 86_scion _cabrio 

Toyota has confirmed that a GT86 Convertible ‘concept’ will appear at the Geneva show, and hopefully it looks similar to this spectacular rendering which, if you squint hard enough, looks like a baby Ferrari California with its sweeping rear haunches. Although it has no door handles. Minor imperfection.


Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG 
Merc A45 AMG

AMG has high hopes for its new baby the A45, they want it to be the fastest and most powerful hot hatch.., In The World. It’s powered by a 2.0 liter turbo 4 cylinder producing around 350hp and power is sent to all four wheels via a rear biased 4Matic system, so it should still be able to do the whole tire smoking hooliganism that it essential for anything wearing an AMG badge. 


Porsche 911 GT3
Porsche GT 991

With the requisite Carrera S, coupe and cabriolet, and all wheel drive 911 models now in production, it’s time for the more potent Turbo and GT3 models to appear. The GT3 should debut at Geneva – looking something like this rendering – with no silly useless things like satnav, air conditioning, and electric seats; instead you get some scaffolding, a big rear wing, and a rather large sticker price! It will be superb.


Renault Captur 
Renault Captur 

The Captur is a compact funky urban SUV that will compete with the Nissan Juke – whose platform it borrows – and the Peugeot 2008. There are both petrol and diesel engines to choose from, both produce 89hp and can be found beneath the bonnet of the new Clio.  



Ssangyong Rodius
Ssang Yong -Rodius -2014 

Apart from sounding and looking like an irritating rodent, this is a MPV that people with hair sprouting uncontrollably from the nasal area will buy. It doesn’t look very nice, and you probably shouldn’t buy it, it’s a Ssangyong.



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