The Force Is Strong: New ‘Star Wars’ Nissan Juke Ads | (Video)

New Nissan Star Wars commercials feature Stormtroopers and even a ghostly appearance of Darth Vader…

Star Wars is back but not as you know it. Star Wars is in fact back in new Nissan Juke commercials. Through a series of short web films to promote its new Juke personalisation program for the Japanese domestic market (JDM) version of the Juke.
The campaign, created by TbwaHakuhodo, focuses on the ‘personalised package edition’ which allows buyers to customise their car using a range differently coloured parts. 

The customised small crossover is featured in the series of shorts painted in radical stripes alongside a small army of identical Stormtroopers, with the ultimate bad guy Darth Vader making a special appearance. Will the ‘Juke’ Stormtroopers win the day? Or will the dark force live on 

Watch the clips in chronological order to see the Juke story unfold: 

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