The UK vs Europe – What’s Driving Us Apart?

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There’s plenty of talk out there about the differences between the UK and Europe right now. But what about driving?

Well, to be honest, this infographic from Carspring seems to find it’s the same here. When you travel around the continent you start to notice a few things.

The French, for example, like French cars. The Germans, German cars. The British, given that most people can’t afford a Bentley or a Rolls Royce – just whatever’s marketed well and seems like a good deal.

There are also different attitudes to what a car means for your street cred. Going back to the French – whether rich or poor, a Renault or Peugeot seems to keep them happy. It’s not about a status symbol. It’s just about getting around town. Plus, well, being French.

In Britain, we seem to care a lot more about what other people think. It’s all about keeping up the Jones’. Therefore, we like to splash out a bit more – the BMW being the brand that’s seen as the epitome of success.

Different countries also have different rules of the road. Some places have some pretty strange ones. Especially Belarus. Well, I know, it’s a pretty strange country. But, if you live Belarus, you’re apparently not allowed to drive a dirty car. I guess it’s one way of keeping the place looking a bit tidier.

Cyprus also has its quirks. The country has gone to great lengths to keep Cypriots driving safely. For example, if you eat at the wheel, you face an €85 fine. So, if you’re driving in Cyprus, be sure to wait until after you’re parked up before getting stuck into your olives, feta and stuffed vine leaves. Imagine the outcry if this was introduced in the UK. We simply wouldn’t be able to cope. I mean, what would motorway driving be reduced to without the delicious treat of a cold Ginster’s pasty?

This cool infographic from Carspring, an online dealership based in both London and Berlin, goes on a motoring journey through Europe. It shows some pretty interesting differences along the way.


Carspring is startup that’s taking a shot at the used car market. They seem to have a really decent offer. If you browse their website you’ll find used BMWs, Mercedes and many more brands besides. All their cars are delivered, guaranteed and come protected with AA warranty and breakdown cover.

So, wherever your road trip around Europe ends up, you can be sure you’re not going to be left hanging in the hard shoulder.

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