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The World’s Coolest Police Cars (PHOTOS)

We might not all love the police but seeing after seeing these amazing supercar police cars, it makes me want to be friends with them!

We figured that a law enforcement officer job will not win the police any glamour contests, so how do they stay cool while catching crooks. We set on a quest to find out.

Our countdown of the ‘5 coolest police cars’ begins in Italy where local Polizia force is a proud owner of this incredible Lamborghini Gallardo. 

Lamborghini -gallardo -police -car
This V10 500bhp Gallardo Italy’s Polizia force received as a gift from Lamborghini to celebrate its 152nd birthday. Nice touch! In the country which is home to Ferrari, Maserati and Pagani, no doubt local rozzers will make good use of it.

Let’s move across the Atlantic and check out what ‘4 wheel weapons’ American police officers have in their arsenal.

With the US being a birth place of muscle cars and NASCAR racing, surely, Americans have no shortage of choice. Nonetheless, this Chevrolet Corvette has to hit the top spot.

Corvette _police _car
With 7.0L ‘beast’ under the bonnet and mind boggling 0-60 mph acceleration in 3.7 seconds (first gear) this Bloomfield Hills police department car is not one to be messed around with. Friendly advice to any local ‘joy riders’, think twice.

Our search returns back to Europe now. Which country comes to your mind when mentioning Nurburgring, Vettel and autobahns? Correct, Germany!  Having world recognized pedigree for speed and racing, German Polizei force has a lot to live up to, which they successfully do with this beauty.

This amazing 5.5L V12 Brabus CLS Rocket, that’s right ‘Rocket’, delivers jaw-dropping 225mph giving Polizei officers hard to beat edge on Germany’s famous autobahns.
Brabus -rocket -police -car
You probably wonder…what about Britain? Well, British cops also have some special up their sleeve. Forget customized Vauxhall and Range Rovers. This Subaru Impreza WRX STI edition is ANPR Interception Team’s car of choice.

Police Subaru Impreza WRX STI

Impreza’s 2.0L engine versus Corvette’s 7.0L might not seem like a lot but, trust me; it delivers over 500bhp and reaches 60mph in approximately 4.5 seconds.

We round up our list with a cool preview of a police car of the future. Remember Judge Dredd? Bet he wished he could drive something like this. Carbon Motors E7 concept model looks truly out of this world.

Police Carbon Motors E7

It might be big and bulky, but its 3.0L turbo-diesel ‘heart’ flat out hits 155mph and gets you from 0-60mph in 6.5 seconds. Not bad for something that weighs nearly 2 tonnes. Also, check out those awesome ‘suicide’ doors!

That’s it for my first ever article. Let me know if you have seen a cool police car worth mentioning. We look forward to your comments

By Stas R.



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