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Football Stars And Their Cars | European Football Special (PHOTOS)

One of the perks of being an elite footballer is of course the money, the fame and the cars that come with success on the pitch. Some of the footballers strutting their stuff in Poland & Ukraine this summer are super rich and with the Premier League selling their TV rights for £3 Billion, they are only set to get even richer, and so it’s no surprise that they indulge in some of the world’s most expensive toys.

1) Audi R8Ok

So if you took a look into most average football player’s garages, you could be pretty sure to find an Audi of some sort. But only the elite at Euro 2012 will be showing off an Audi R8. This car is every guy’s dream, and one of the reasons most footballer’s have been seen driving one. From the more flamboyant Christiano Ronaldo and Mario Balotelli, to the likes of Dirk Kuyt, this stylish mid engine super car is a hit with all types of players and is only a splash in the ocean to them with prices starting from just £88,000.
2) Lamborghini Gallardo

Nani Gallardo
There are a few models of Lamborghini’s knocking around, but all of them are as slick and flash as each other. When you drive one of these bad boys into the training ground each day, you are going to make a real statement. It is probably no surprise to see the likes of Nani for Portugal being pictured with a Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2.
3) Ferrari 458 Italia

Theo -Walcott -Ferrari -458-Italia-
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It comes as no surprise that the third car on the list is yet another ‘super car’ as we introduce the stunning Ferrari 458 Italia. Again, you will see all types of Ferrari’s in a footballer’s car collection, but we know that England winger Theo Walcott has been seen with the Italia. Walcott has pace to burn just like the 200mph+ Ferrari 458 Italia – a great match for the speedy winger. If we had £180 knocking around, we would definitely indulge in one of Italy’s finest cars.
4) Range Rover Overfinch

Wayne Rooney
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There is no way that we can go through a list of Footballers cars without mentioning the Range Rover. It is powerful, reliable and comfortable and It could be considered as the ‘everyday’ car for footballers. But they don’t just settle for the standard model of even the popular Range Rover Sport. The likes of John Terry, and Wayne Rooney opt for those extra modifications courtesy of those bling SUV specialists at Overfinch. JT might have made a few controversial decisions in his time but we can’t knock his taste in cars!

5) Bentley Continental GT

  John Tezza
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In all honesty this article could have included a list as long as England’s trophy draught, but while the Audi Q7, the Porsche 911, and the Mercedes SL, could have all made the squad, we have gone for the ever present and experienced Bentley Continental GT.

Steven Gerrard has been the heartbeat of the Euro’s for England so far in the tournament and at 32 years old, he is also showing his experience off the pitch by choosing that all-time favourite footballer’s ride – the Bentley Continental GT. The current version of the GT is available with a less extreme 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 but the bonnet of Stevie G’s car hides the original 6.0-litre twin-turbo W12 monster. Hopefully Gerrard and England have as much power and style on the pitch as they do off it in their quest for European Glory this summer!


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