Top 5 Driving Experiences for Kids | (Tips)


The fun we have in mind comes in the
form of driving and cars (of course!). Don’t worry we’re not
talking about paying £200+ to drive a Ferrari around a racetrack
for the day whilst your children watch and ‘enjoy’ from afar –
though I doubt Dad would complain. These are much tamer and
enjoyable for all of the family! No driving licence required, just
a passion for fun! To cater for everyone we’ve come up with a list
which covers locations worldwide.

1. LEGOLAND – This is a theme park dedicated to
children aged 3-12 years old. It’s located in Berkshire, Englandand
as of March 2012 you can stay at the new LEGOLAND Windsor Resort
Hotel right in the centre of the park.One of the main attractions
here is Driving School for children aged 6-13. This involves
watching a road safetyvideo then driving electric cars around a
realistic course filled with traffic lights, roundabouts and other
drivers.Following this and to mark this achievement, all children
earn a LEGOLAND Driving Licence. 

2. Cars Land – This is located
in Disney California Adventure Park at the Disneyland Resort and it
opened its doors only this year, June 15th. It’s
inspired by the 2006 Disney Pixar Film, Cars which I’m sure you’ve
watchedcountless times, because you were forced to of

3. Mega Web – Located in Tokyo,
Japan, this ‘look, ride, feel Car Theme Park’ is one of the world’s
largest autoshowrooms. This 24,000 square metre area has
approximately 150 vehicles on display, including 70
differentmodels. The fun here for children is that they get to put
together and pedal a motor-assisted hybrid cart,allowing them to
learn about hybrid cars in an easy and fun way! 

4. Diggerland – There are four sites located
across England and something for all ages to enjoy, from
Diggerlandgrand prix for the young ones to digging dirt with a 6
ton digger for the older kids. I’m sure this is one that boyswill

5. Jumicar – Based in Nottinghamshire, England,
this outdoor park is filled with different activities for kids
betweenthe ages of 1 and 14 to enjoy. They can lean road awareness
skills and even drive mini jeeps and sports cars.

That completes our list for today.
If you’re also wondering about how to keep your children
entertained on a long car journey then find out how here.

by Emily

Image courtesy of: Diggerland


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