Top Five Vans We Really Want

5. MTM T500 Transporter 

MTM T500 Transporter 


The MTM T500 Transporter is what happens when you take the scorching Audi RS3 and the bland Volkswagen Transporter and make, sorry, gently encourage them to have babies. It is completely mental. It has the RS3’s engine and gearbox. So you get a howling 5 cylinder turbo motor and a 7-Speed DSG ‘box, plus a new stiffer all-wheel-drive chassis. And it’s as if the RS3’s 335hp simply wasn’t enough, because the RS3 motor has been tuned to now give 475hp! This is a van capable of hitting 60mph in 5.2 seconds. Marvelous, just don’t ask the price. €160,000.

4. Volkswagen Kombi

VW Kombi


Of course there’s a Volkswagen Kombi on the list. But this, as you’ll notice if you’re fortunate enough to behold the gift of sight, is no ordinary hippy van. No, this is go-anywhere DJ set. That’s right, the roof pops up and it’s crammed full of speakers, spiny decks with many buttons and knobs and other things used by DJ’s  – alcoholic beverages, probably. It’s just cool.


3. Volkswagen Camper Van

Camper -retro -slammed


Yet another VW van, we’re noticing a theme here. Now you might be wondering why a steaming pile of rust and terribleness is gracing our list of vans that we really want, but just look at it, slammed to within inches of its already depleted life. It’s just so damn cool!

2. Ferrari FF

Ferrari -ff 

 Ok, so it isn’t a van in the most common sense of the word, but it does have van like features. For instance, it has an engine at the front, er, room for parcels and things in the back and well, it’s about as close to a van as Ferrari were ever going to get. Think of it as van for the more wealthy or enthusiastic vanist – they exist you know.


1. Ford Transit SuperVan 3 

     Ford Supervan3 

And here it is, our number one pick, a Ford Transit – what else? The more eagle-eyed reader will have noticed a Cosworth decal on the side of this particular Transit, along with striking paint, an enormous rear wing and side air intakes. So it’s no ordinary Posty van, then. And that’s because it’s powered by a mid mounted 730hp Cosworth Formula One engine. Essentially this is a racing car with a Ford Transit body molded to it. It’s bloody hilarious!


By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD

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