Top Gear Is BACK! Carhoots Preview Series 20 | (TRAILER)

TopGear will return to telly’s this Sunday (the 30th) with the usual strictly consumer advice focused approach to literally all things motoring, fat middle-aged men falling over, and drool-worthy cars. Here’s a look at what we’ve got to look forward to over the coming weeks.

Convertible Supercars 
Convertible supercars TopGear

The Audi R8 V10 Spyder, Ferrari 458 Spider, and the McLaren 12C Spider (can’t they think up a word for convertible that isn’t spider?) storm across Spain. 

What is the world’s best taxi?
Top Gear Taxi

No useless tests focusing on ride comfort or cabin space and smell to be seen here for the obvious reason of; that’d be perilously boring, so in the interests of entertainment and science, naturally, TopGear will use motorsports to decide which is the worlds greatest taxi. Carnage ensues. 

The car versus something else race
car vs yatch TopGear

No TopGear series would be complete without a race between a car and something that isn’t a car. This series will see a car of unknown variety raced against an America’s Cup yatch.

The Caravaning Road Trip 
Caravanning holiday TopGear

TopGear have decided that they simply cannot continue to ignore the world-ruling phenomenon of soft roaders – or off roaders that can’t go off road at all. The boys reckon that caravanists are responsible for the drastic increase in soft roader sales, so in the interests of consumer advice, obviously, Jeremy and James took some of these soft-roaders on a bit of a shambolic (probably) caravanning holiday. 

The TopGear Hovercraft 
Top Gear Hovercraft

Floods are a big problem in the UK and abroad, every year they bring devastation to thousands. Obviously TopGear are keen to lend a helping hand whenever they can, so they’ve come up with an ingenious, flood-proof transportation solution – a hovercraft…which is based on a Ford Transit van. 

The Best Of British
British cars TopGear

Some brilliant bits of machinery come from TopGears mostly soggy homeland, so the boys were more than willing to test some of Britain’s newest four-wheeled products. Jeremy put his hand up to drive the Jaguar F-Type because it’s a bit oversteer-y, Richard chose to drive the new Range Rover Sport, because he lives in gum boots when he’s not presenting TopGear or having his teeth whitened, or being American, and James because, well, it’s James, decided to test a bus. 

The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Test
 The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Test TopGear

730 Italian horse’s from a naturally aspirated V12, two driven wheels, one sopping wet Scotland, and one slightly idiotic Jeremy Clarkson. Things might get a bit sideways.

The Celebrity Barbeque 
celebrity bbq topgear

TopGear have a new Reasonably Priced Car for this series! What better way to christen the new beast than with a ‘celeb-packed’ barbeque!?  

Be sure to tune into TopGear this Sunday on BBC2 or BBC HD to see all of the action! 

Now, here’s a bite of the action in the official launch trailer…


By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)

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