Top Old School Car Games

Remember the times when we’d save our pennies for an arcade car game, counting down the days until we could get out our provisional licence?  Well now that we’re all out on the roads, the Carhoots team thought we’d have a look back at some of our favourite old school car games.


Probably one of the best selling car games of its time, OutRun was released in 1986 and known for its iconic red Ferrais. It’s the game where we all learnt how to drift and fuelled the way for other such games. And if you think 3D games are something of a recent development, there was a special version of OutRun that required 3D glasses!


Grand theft Auto

The game that was originally intended to be called ‘race N chase’, was nearly cancelled due to production troubles. GTA was first released in 1997 and came up with a new concept of gaming, allowing the user freedom to do as they wished in a big city. Missions could be completed to earn money or you could simply get chased by the police. Being the bad guy had never been more appealing.



Mario kart

Believe it or not Mario Kart has been going strong since 1992! The game has put some of the best-loved Nintendo characters in the driving seat, proving an instant hit. Twenty years on and the game has not changed much apart from better graphics and new maps.




Impressive graphics for its time (2001) and high-speed races made this game a household name in the car gaming world. The championship mode was extremely popular with drivers wanting to show their skills on the toughest tracks.



Gran Turismo

When it came to realistic racing, this game was as close as it got to the real deal. With 140 cars to choose from and customisation options, your personal dream car in 1998 was just a few clicks away. The basics of the game were to race, to win cars and to get rich – simple.


That was our round up of the top video ganmes ever. It was great reminiscing over these old school classics and we hope it brought back many happy gaming memories for you.  

Do you agree with our choices? Let us know of any games that should have made the list.

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