Top Viral Car Videos Of The Week – April 5th

In this weeks top five car videos; with added hovercraft golf becomes cool-ish, some Americans hit 265.7mph in a 1244hp Hennessey Venom GT XCAR drives the ultimate Lotus, and Monster energy does lots of really, really awesome stuff. 

1. Hovercraft Golf Cart 


Just when you thought golf was all middle-aged men wearing checkered pants, stripy jumpers and funny hats cocking about with weird looking sticks, Bubba Watson rocks up at the golf course. In a hovercraft – no less. Brilliant!

2. Lots Of Really, Really, Awesome Stuff Happening


The title says it all really. But for a bit of background; we’ve got a 850hp trophy truck – some kind of mad but brilliant American invention -, a Nissan GT-R, a BMW M3 and some Las Vegas desert. Oh, and some very pretty girls. 

3. Hennessy Venom GT Hits 265.7mph 


The Hennessey Venom GT is totally nuts. It’s a Lotus Elise on steroids – lots of them. Gone is the wheezing little four cylinder engine, now its got a 7.0liter twin turbo ‘Mericen V8 producing 1244hp. And it’ll do more than 266mph. And it’s now the fastest production car in the world. And it is completely, comprehensibly, certifiably insane! Americans! 

4. Lotus Exige S: The Ultimate Lotus? – XCAR


This week XCAR drove the new 354hp supercharged V6 Lotus Exige. While the weather conditions could’ve been nicer, Lotus’ new weapon with its electronic wizardry proved to be mighty impressive. And driftable, which is good. 

5. Seb Loeb Drifts A Supra On Snow


What happens when you take world rally champion Sebastian Loeb, a Toyota Supra drift car, lots of turbo whooshing and butterfly valvery, some snow and an energy drink company? A legendary viral video of course!

By Aiden Taylor ( @AidenT_RD )

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