Top Viral Car Videos Of The Week – Episode 31

Top Viral Car Videos Of The Week – Episode 31

In this week’s Carhoots top ‘viral’ car videos; evo Magazine’s car of the year contest, Ken Block does some drifting, naturally, XCAR drive a ballistic station wagon, plus more.

evo Car of the Year 2013: Part 1 ‘ evo TV

evo Magazine is all about performance cars and ‘the thrill of driving.’ And what that means, essentially, is that while other car magazines are faffing about with humble family hatchbacks and SUVs during their car of the year testing, evo assembles a selection of really fast and exciting machinery. Competing for the trophy this year are Ferrari’s tyre-eating F12, the Mercedes SLS Black Series, Audi R8 V10 Plus, 911 GT3 plus a few others that you might have pinned to your bedroom wall or set as your computer’s wallpaper.

evo Car of the Year 2013: Part 2 ‘ evo TV

….And the awesomeness continues in part two where the winner is announced.

/DRIVE Hosts Read Comments From Trolls — AFTER/DRIVE

All of the hosts from the /DRIVE channel gather together to read hilariously inappropriate Youtube comments and, essentially, pick on one another. Unsurprisingly, this makes for rather entertaining viewing.

Ken Block’s guide to Gymkhana driving and drifting – Autocar exclusive

Ken Block’s Gymkhana 6 drops on Monday (how many sleeps now?), and it promises to be full of awesome tyre smoking sideways action. Before all of that though, watch Steve Sutclife from Autocar ride along with the pro hoon during one of his slidey Gymkhana sessions.

Audi RS 6: Family Looks, Supercar Pace – XCAR

The concept of a family station wagon with genuine supercar-rivaling pace is just epic. Who wouldn’t want a car that looks about as humble as a toaster but could literally toast proper performance cars (see what I did there?) in a drag between the lights? This week XCAR took Audi’s RS6 for a spin. It’s fast. 

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