Top Viral Car Videos Of The Week

In this weeks carhoots top five videos; Audi plays paintball, Pagani shows us some scissors, a Russians car rolls away while he attacks other motorists, XCAR visits the Nurburgring and some other Russians get bogged. Enjoy!

1. Audi RS4’s Playing Paintball 


What’s more fun than playing paintball in the woods, surrounded by hungry animals and enormous trees that could drop limbs on you at any given moment? Many things actually, but most notably, playing paintball in 444hp Audi estates, duh!

2. Driving The Nürburgring In A Porsche 911 – XCAR?


As a petrol head, there are a few things that you need to do in life, V max your car for instance, or learn to drift, or… drive around the Nurburgburgburgring. So with a bit of strictly helpful but slightly worrying advice from racing legend and ‘Ring expert Walter Röhrl, Alex from XCAR tries his best not to die whilst driving a new Porsche 911 around the infamous Nurburgring.

3. Can You Decipher The Clues? 


Er, no Pagani, I really can’t decipher the clues. Pagani shows us a pair of scissors, some leather, some Italians, and some other bits of completely pointless information, or ‘clues’ as they like to call them. From what I can tell, I think they might be teasing a new version of the Huayra… Perhaps a topless version?

4. Driver Pulls Gun, Forgets To Pull Handbrake


Yes, the Russians have been at it again this week. This time, in a fit of anger, rage and fury this Russian forgets to yank the handbrake on before leaving his car to have a civilized discussion – while carrying a gun – about the errors of the other motorists ways, meanwhile his car roles away.

5. Some Russians Get Bogged.


Firstly a man drives a Nissan Patrol into a damp field and gets stuck, then an intelligent man comes to the rescue in what appears to be a pile of scrap metal, he gets stuck too, and then another pile of scrap metal arrives and helpfully begins to dig some holes.

Which was your favourite video? Did the Russians deserve to be top of the list? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us at @CarhootsUK

 By Aiden Taylor ( @AidenT_RD )

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