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Trailer for the new Clarkson, Hammond and May TV show (VIDEO)

Clarkson, Hammond and May TV show

Our first glimpse of the new Clarkson, Hammond and May TV show has been revealed at one of the live arena tours!

The boys are back! It seems Clarkson, Hammond and May really are starting their own TV show. The trio jokingly announced at one of their live arena tours that they’d have a go at making a television program about cars despite having never done it before… Then they played a short clip of what they’d been filming – a test between the Porsche 911 Turbo, Mercedes-AMG GT and Corvette Z06. Keen followers might have seen the image that Clarkson posted to his Twitter account a few weeks ago of the Corvette and the film crew.

Whether the skit was just part of the live tour or if Clarkson, Hammond and May are serious about this new TV show, we’ll find out soon. One thing’s certain, Hammond and May have just declined a £4 million offer from the BBC to return to Top Gear but the pair refuse to play ball without Clarkson.

Check out the hilarious video below, it definitely seems Clarkson, Hammond and May have the ability to make an entertaining car show without help from the BBC.

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