Ukrainian Ex-President’s Son Had A Ridiculous Car Collection Worth $2 Million (VIDEO)

As you probably know, things are very complicated now in Ukraine, with the country’s president Viktor Yanukovych been ousted by the Parliament and wanted for mass murders following the bloody protests that took place in the country’s capital Kiev.

car collection-ukraines-presidents-son

As the situation calmed down (we can only hope it’s not the calm before the storm, though), Ukrainians were able to visit Yanukovych’s country estate just outside Kyiv, which has been seized by the state. People were amazed by the ostentatious display of wealth there, which also included a mostly Soviet-nostalgic car collection.

Car Collection of the Former Ukrainian President's Son

Yanukovych’s son, however, likes his cars more contemporary and…black, as members of the Pravyi Sektor right-wing opposition group found out when they discovered his own collection 38 kilometers outside the capital, in a warehouse where he allegedly tried to hide them.


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