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Van Damme Split Stunt Spoof Made By Palestinians To Illustrate Gaza Energy Crisis (VIDEO)

Van Damme Split Stunt Spoof Made By Palestinians

We can’t help but laugh when we watch the hundreds of Van Damme Split Stunt Spoofs, but this Palestinian spoof has a much deeper meaning!

These guys have created the spoof video to generate awareness and send out a message to the world that their country has much bigger problems than buying a Volvo and that ‘Vanne Damme isn’t better than them… There is just no gas in town!”

It is clever and it definitely opens our eyes and puts things into perspective. If you hit the subtitles you will see that these guys don’t have electricity or gas for 12 hours of the day, meaning they miss out on washing and eating at times. Very powerful but also very clever because a man doing splits to the Enya soundtrack will always be funny and always get people listening!

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