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Vaughn Gittin Jr shows off new 2015 drift Mustang (VIDEO)

Vaughn Gitten Jr drift Mustang

Pro drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr shows off his 2015 Mustang drift car in awesome snow drift video.

You don’t really need an excuse to tear around a snowy drift course in a 2015 Mustang race car when you’re pro noon Vaughn Gittin Jr, but he and his team came up with one anyway. The video below shows the pro drifter man handling his 2015 drift Mustang in the snow, but the point of the video is actually to show off the car’s new livery… Yeah right…

We can’t tell you much else about the Mustang apart from it has a V8 from Ford Racing, rear-wheel drive (obviously), Brembo stoppers, a mad bodykit from RTR and some shouty green wheels.

Check out the sideways action in the video below.

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