Youtube Star Joey Graceffa Gets Towed & Then Publicly ‘Owned’ (VIDEO)

Youtube star Joey Graceffa loses it after getting towed, Nate Clark makes hilarious response ‘I TOWED JOEY GRACEFFA’S CAR’

Hilarious comeback video from comedian Nate Clark to a popular YouTuber Joey Graceffa who parked in front of his driveway. Joey who has around 2 million YouTube followers, posted an angry (slightly bitchy) video online to his fans after his car (a Toyota Prius!) was towed away and he had to pay a $200 fine to retrieve it.

Nate Clark Joey Graceffa

Joey Graceffa claimed that his car was only slightly blocking the driveway in Los Angeles and said some pretty rude things about the unidentified owner of the driveway. It turns out that it belonged to the comedian Nate Clark, who has posted a tongue in cheek video in response, giving the real facts and standing up to Joey!

In the witty video Nate Clark explains why he got the car towed and how in contrast to Joey’s claim, the car was actually blocking the whole driveway, backed up by a picture of a blue Prius.

Joey suggests in one of his videos that the owner of the driveway should put his ‘fat a**’ car’ on a diet! Clark cleverly points out that his car is a Volkswagen Golf, which ‘at 70.3 inches wide is one of the slimmest cars out there’.

Joey also harshly says that whoever towed his car away is a ‘slut’ and Nate retorts by saying

‘That’s just not true man, I wasn’t trying to move my car so I could meet up with some sexual rendezvous, I just wanted to move my car because that’s my right.’

It seems all Clark wanted was an apology from Joey, but because of his childish rants came back with this.

Check out the video – it’s pretty freaking funny!



Joey Graceffa’s Original ‘Stolen Car’ video



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