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Watching This Lamborghini Aventador Impounded Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye (VIDEO)

 Lamborghini Aventador: IMPOUNDED!

There is nothing worse than your car being hauled onto a truck. Oh, wait…there is if your car is an $450,000 Lamborghini Aventador! Watching the following video made by the SuperCarsofLondon will make you cringe at the way they impound this magnificent beast.

Here is what happened according to SOL:

“The owner had parked for less than 10 minutes before being issued a ticket. “Within 15 minutes, the car was impounded, through a method looked that looked unstable and reckless.”

If you watch the whole clip, you’ll see that it’s actually a miracle this supercar isn’t damaged during the lift. Let’s have some respect for the Aventador!

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