We’ve Done Hands Free, Now It’s Eyes Free

Earlier this week, Chevrolet announced an upcoming integration with Siri, Apple’s voice-activated personal assistant.


From early next year, several Chevrolet models will enable their owners to connect their iPhone into the in-car audio system, via the power of Bluetooth. A touch of a button on the steering wheel will allow them to interact directly with Siri.

        Chevrolet _siri _carhoots       

    (Photo by Steve Fecht for Chevrolet)


Users will be able to instruct Siri to perform tasks such as placing calls, sending messages, and setting reminders, without having to park up.


Safety is paramount, so “Eyes Free” mode on the iPhone will minimise the distraction of a flashing iPhone screen by preventing it from lighting up. Not to mention that voice commands allow the driver’s full attention to remain on the road.


With the ability to ask Siri simple questions, your car can solve all your in-car problems. Want to check the weather for the next few hours? Need to remember to renew your insurance? You’ll even be able to take notes on that mysterious clicking sound you only hear when travelling on the motorway.


With this move, and their intention to integrate with more car manufacturers, it seems that Apple is keen to move into the car market – not the only tech giant to do so. While Google is working on self-driving cars, Apple is still looking to provide utility to those still driving their own vehicles.



So it may be a little while until you can ask Siri to drive you home, but this is certainly a move in the right direction.


For more information, see the press release.

By Laura Careless

Author Bio:

Laura Careless is a freelance writer working in the Oxygen Accelerator office,  primarily with exciting new A/B testing start-up Myna. She has a passion for spreadsheets and an obsession with all things yarny, which she talks about in her personal blog ‘The Careless Gene

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