YouTube Sensation ‘Tax the Rich’ Hoons Its Supercar Collection (VIDEO)

First they played tug of war with two Ferrari’s now they are back with some epic supercar hoonage including a fiery XJ220 burnout.

The Tax The Rich guys
have indeed released a high octane trailer of their best bits, including that now infamous Rolls Royce Phantom drift as well as a Ferrari Enzo rallying. They don’t pull any punches and certainly live up to their motto, “Bringing you videos of Supercars in the most unlikely manner!”

What is brand new to the video is a £200,000 Jaguar XJ220 doing a flaming burnout of epic proportions. Which gets the carhoots team very excited as it means we’re in for a full length feature soon…we can’t bloody wait!

Watch the trailer below and enjoy the carnage the TTR guys release!


Not enough supercar madness for you?

Catch the other Tax The Rich videos below:

Rolls Royce Phantom Countryside Drift


Ferrari F50 Tug of War


Ferrari Enzo Rallying

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